Sleeping Sickness

by Endeavors

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released April 19, 2011



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Endeavors Michigan

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Track Name: Neverland
another day spent wasting away
another night spent staying out late
another week we didn't speak
another heart just waiting to break
there is no youth, there is no, there is no me and you
i've been staying out late just to start my day
with a head full of sleep and a heart full of empty
sleeping all day so it'll go away
i remember the taste, but forgot the feeling
i've been staying up late just to try and sleep
and sleeping all day just to try and dream
i'm so lonely and nothing seems to change
there is no youth, no me and you, just lies and lies and we're all dead
there is no youth, no me and you, just lies and lies and lies
everything's so mundane, so out of place, so wrong, so gone
just searching for relief or at least a break
why can't this change
youth is dead, i'll say it again youth is dead
Track Name: Old Brides
if i had it my way i'd leave this place
forget your face, start a new life
one where i don't know anyone and no one knows my name
you came in like grace just to end up plaguing me
with your inconsistencies and hollow promises
swollen like lungs being held under the surface
gasping for air of just a break from this dead routine

you said this life would be perfect, but now you, you can't keep a promise
you failed me, or at least thats what i'd like to think

sink your teeth in to me, like you've done it before
holding me accountable for all your broken homes
abandonment, a reason for regret
or a reason for finding solace?

i'm just trying to get your taste out of my mouth
Track Name: Mourning Wives
just to make things clear i never needed you around
i was wasting away hoping you'd come around
how long can this heart break before my bride becomes the ground?
fuck your broken heart, fuck the way everything is always my fault
you were taking your time i think you're trying to kill me now
wraping your filthy grip around my body now
tracing your hips i think i hate me now
i can taste your lips can someone save me now?

sealed with a kiss and a slit wrist, you were always a broken promise
sealed with a kiss, and a slit wrist.

abandonment, you never meant a single word you ever said
you never meant any of it..

these broken hearts don't mean a thing
when they're hanging from the ceiling
screaming someone help me..
can anybody hear me?
Track Name: Sleeping Sickness
said fuck the past, then fucked my head
puked up all of my words and made a bed out of them
this hole in my heart, so empty, fucking empty
misplaced, so goddamn me, condemn me, and forget me
there's nothing left for me, been awake for days
this fucking disease wont let me sleep
it wont let me, wont let me sleep, i'm crying out my eyes
i've been digging this grave since the day you said goodbye
wasting away on every sleepless night
hoping like hell you'd come home or at least give us a phone call just to know you're alright
you never said goodbye

this sleeping sickness, been keeping me awake
eating at my insides, tearing at my brain
this sleeping sickness, its fucking killing me
the deeper i breath the more i seem to sink
can't take this weight, think my backs gonna break
you left me with the world, guess its mine to take..

this sleeping sickness.... i think its calling your name